my mom, now.

In introductions on February 22, 2012 at 6:17 am

Yeah, my mom is still a babe. 

First of all, I apologize for the irregularity of these posts–when I first started this blog, I had the calendar planned out perfectly, but life has continued to get in the way. I’m tryin’.

I am writing this post from my parents’ house, wrapping up a long weekend spent at home with my family and pup. In fact, I just said goodnight to my mom–now, it is midnight and the only ones awake are myself and Huckleberry Finn, which is the perfect excuse for me to post this photo:

This photo, and the one above, are some of my very favorite photos of my mom. My dad took the top one with 35mm film last summer, and I took the second one on Mother’s Day last year. I love it because it shows her in her element: in her garden, in the sun, with her puppy. That is one genuine smile on her face.

And really, that is one big thing about my mom: she is extremely sincere. She isn’t unkind or impolite, but you will always know how she feels about you, for she finds it difficult to control her facial expressions. When she’s happy, she smiles (and hums, she’s always humming). But when she’s sad, pissed, stressed, or irritated, you see that clearly, too. She sings in the choir at my church sometimes, and I’ve had to signal to her from the front row that she’s scowling or rolling her eyes at someone–in front of the whole church. At least she’s honest.

on a visit to my college town last Fall.

Maybe this is cliche to say about one’s mother, but my mom is the most selfless person I know. When I fractured my arm this summer, she washed my hair in the sink, baked me whatever I wanted, dealt with all the scary insurance stuff, listened to my pathetic, painkiller-fueled breakdowns, and even helped me put a bra on (too much info? sorry, still learning boundaries). And that was all in one day. Not only is she selfless with her children, but basically everyone she comes in contact with. She is super involved with my church, which isn’t strange for a pastor’s wife, but she goes beyond that–not only does she lead worship services, plan events, and teach Sunday School and Bible studies, but she gives her heart to people. My mom is the type of person who has strangers crying on her shoulder and spilling their life story within five minutes of meeting her. She makes people feel comfortable and loved immediately, which is a skill I’m still trying to acquire.

cooking, tanned, and happy.

chocolate pie, one of her specialties and my favorite dessert in the world--I am about to sneak upstairs and have some right now.

One thing my mom instilled in me is a love and respect for good food and good drinks (echoed in my reading of the Orangette blog). She taught me how to buy produce and other groceries at the best times, what to save money on and what to splurge on (yummy bread, cheese, strawberries, and good beer), and how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie (a bit less sugar, a bit more salt and vanilla). She loves red wine, tomatoes from her garden, coffee with cream, chocolate, Starbucks 8-grain rolls, pie (she is pretty famous for her pies in our hometown), Phad Thai, fresh veggies, and seafood–though I am still teaching her about sushi.

her garden is one of my favorite things to photograph.

My mom puts great effort into things she loves: her family, her garden, her friendships, her home, her landscaping business, cooking, and church, among others. Last summer was the first year she didn’t go camping, and she’s still mad about it. She hates snakes, bad coffee, Peeps, passive aggressiveness, reality tv, commercials, vulgarity, and when her hair gets frizzy.

hiking at Mount Rainier, summer 2010

She’s also 10x more fit than me and 10x tanner than me. She’d rather be outside than inside, any day. She loves holding babies, and is ready for grandchildren (but don’t look at me). I’m constantly stealing clothes from her closet. She believes that fights between family need to be immediately and thoroughly talked–my sisters and I prefer to do it ourselves, silent treatment style. She loves simple beauty, peace and quiet, and a clean kitchen.

She’s sensitive, sometimes too quick to take things personal. She has an internal sense of justice, handed down from her conservative Idahoan parents. She’s compassionate, but believes what she believes. She doesn’t mean to glare. She can give an impassioned speech when needed. She works her ass off, but loves to play. And she’d prefer you do the same.

next up: Michael, then. 

  1. Can I be adopted by your mom?

  2. You guys look alike! BUT WHO COULD HATE PEEPS?

  3. Your mom is a babe, but you also look a lot like her… so looks like you have a nice future of attractiveness to look forward to!

    This is a lovely post!

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